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Here in the Aviation Striker, Charles Lindbergh looks down on the player, less like God and more like a mere mortal. A year after he flew across the Atlantic, Exhibit Supply capitalized on his great popularity and heroism and created the magnificent Aviation Striker. The machine is a simple fist striker transformed into something more appealing. The point of the game was to smack the striker plate as hard as possible and see how high you could get the plane to fly.


With less than a dozen original examples, this towering strength testing machine was nine feet tall with a bust of Lindbergh perched aloft. The manufacturers were keen to build these models as high as possible as ‘attention seekers’ so that players would gravitate towards them. This machine was slightly taller than the earlier Mills and Caille machines. The cabinets used by Exhibit were ‘rift sawn’ oak which was not as decorative as the older style quartered oak.



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